About Us


The Chevra is a modern orthodox synagogue that embraces Jews from all walks of life. Based on the principle, “the Torah’s ways are pleasant, and all its paths are peace,” we work to integrate all Jewish backgrounds to join in the common thread of the Torah’s inspiring teachings.

In the Chevra community, the smallest step towards Judaism is considered a major leap in strengthening the communal faith of Israel. Our shul is a strong supporter of Israel. Throughout its history the Chevra has been at the forefront in contributions to Israel Bonds and the Jewish National Fund.

The Chevra welcomes both Ashkenazi and Sephardi members. We offer parallel services, so everyone feels comfortable with their nusach and traditions.


The vision of the Chevra is to bring alive the values and principles of the Torah through creating an active community that is engaged in Torah learning, prayer, and acts of kindness. In actualizing these principles, the Chevra offers a variety of learning opportunities and programs that enrich the lives of our members and the larger Jewish community. By making Judaism tangible and applicable, we are building a committed and vibrant Jewish community.