Support Us

At The Chevra there are many ways one can show their support and direct their donations. Here is a list of our many different funds your donations help with:


Following morning services there is a breakfast served for the Minyan. Those celebrating a special day or remembering a loved one often sponsor this breakfast kiddush.

Chesed Committee (CCC) 

The Chevra’s Chesed Committee’s mandate is kindness, and we fulfil this mandate by helping to look after those members in our community who are going through challenging times. Members of the committee make visits, telephone calls, send meals, baskets, flowers, cards etc. to let people know that we are here to help.

Covid-19 Relief 

This special fund was established in the name of Rabbi Jacobson’s brother, Shlomo Jacobson Z”l, who passed away due to Covid. This fund is designed to help the most vulnerable amongst us with basic needs (food, medicine, supplies) to get through this pandemic.

Family Endowment Fund

Over 100 families from The Chevra have established their very own endowment fund. Please click here to see the funds that exist. People donate into these family funds for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, yahrzeits, etc to help these funds grow.


Every year The Chevra organizes its annual Gala, where we honor members of our community in a celebrative concert, a night of comedy, or a special guest lecturer. The funds raised help with the synagogue`s operating budget.


Every bride getting married deserves the gown of her dreams. The Chevra operates a free loan Gemach (acts of loving kindness) with over 150 wedding gowns to choose from. A bride can borrow one for her wedding, fitted to her specifications, with a minimal cost of a $150 cleaning fee.

General donation

If you would like to make a general donation to The Chevra without a specific fund, you may do so at any time.


Every Shabbat after services, the congregation continues to celebrate with a festive Kiddush luncheon. Members, and often guests, help sponsor this Kiddush to celebrate or commemorate a special occasion, or “just because”.

Maot Chitim/ Passover

Passover can be quite costly to celebrate (wine, matza, festive meals, etc.). This fund is designed specifically to help families in need celebrate the holiday with the rest of the Jewish community.

Memorial plaques

These plaques are purchased by members who have lost loved ones. The plaques are made of bronze and are inscribed with the name of the deceased, the date of death and a blessing. The plaque is placed in the chapel for eternal remembrance. On the yahrzeit, a bulb is lit on the plaque and kaddish is recited.


Every year the sisterhood and the Chevra Chesed Committee send out 50-60 Mishloach Manot, baskets of kindness, for those who might need extra cheer and joyfulness in their lives.

Prayer books

This fund supports the need to repair or purchase new prayer books or Chumashim (Bibles) that are used daily. Printed “bookplate” dedications on the front page of the Siddur or Chumash are available for sponsorship.

Rabbi's discretionary fund

This fund supports people who come to the Rabbi for help because they are going through hardships; thus the giving is done in the most discreet fashion to protect the name and dignity of the people making the request.

Shabbat Shira

Every year on this special Shabbat, the cantor and choir prepare an inspiring musical service that is followed by a beautiful Kiddush. Members and congregants come together to help sponsor this special event for the enjoyment of many.

Shabbat Under the Stars

One the most celebrated and unifying events in the Montreal Jewish Community, this is an outdoor summer Shabbat service, with candle lighting and singing and dinner in Hampstead park, that attracts over 1700 people in a true demonstration of Jewish pride and tradition.


A few times a year The Chevra organizes a communal Shabbat dinner in the Raicek hall with guest lecturers who enlighten the Shabbat experience.


The sisterhood is the bedrock of The Chevra programs and projects, from wellness days to luncheons. This very active group of women organizes a variety of events throughout the year.


The Chevra builds one of the largest Sukkahs in Montreal. There is a festive kiddush every evening and day to enable all those who would like to perform the mitzvah of this joyous holiday.

Torah Dedication Fund

This fund is dedicated to repair, refurbish or purchase new Torahs for The Chevra.

Tree of Life

The Tree of Life fund was established for members to donate in honour of their children and grandchildren. These funds are used to help with scholarships and education. There is a special dedication board with family names on a tree in the lobby of the synagogue.


Almost every day people come to our Shul asking for assistance for food, clothing, supplies, and at times, help with rental payments, family simchat or funds for burial arrangements. This charitable fund supports basic human needs of any who come to our doors.


Performing good deeds for a departed loved one in this world helps elevate his/her soul. It is tradition that on the day of the Yahrzeit we increase in prayer, Torah study and charity.